portfolio of a personal health plan on eating and fitness

portfolio of a personal health plan on eating and fitness

Portfolio Of A Personal Health Plan On Eating And Fitness

Imagine a three-legged chair. If these legs are not equal, you will fall. So a needs to contain three elements: training, diet, rest. Otherwise you will achieve nothing.acai berry 900 kesan sampingan

Training - If it is not enough, you will obviously not stimulate muscle mass to grow or fat to be burned away. If it is too much, there will be a deadlock where you destroy more than you create. Even when you are trying to lose weight, 3 or 4 hours of training per day WILL NOT help more than 1 or 2 hours. On the contrary. You will exhaust the body’s resources and reach deadlock in no time. You will not be able to maintain such a schedule for a long time.multilan active kapsulas


The volume and intensity of training need to be strictly dosed so that you can obtain the benefits without stressing the body more than necessary. Especially when you are beginning a workout schedule, the body reacts to the slightest amount of exercise and effort.catch me patch me ainekset

Diet (+supplements) - If you are eating too little, the muscle mass can’t grow and the fat burning process will stop. However, there are moments when the diet and training cannot push the body beyond a certain limit. This is where you need to use food supplements. When you are on a weight loss plan, you should begin with light foods, which help the body, so that you can always hold “in reserve” some heavier supplements, with which to attack the final pounds or ounces you need to shed. Let the body work on its own and when you reach a dead-end, give it a boost. You must not use all your aces in the first round, since you will be left with none when you reach a deadlock.

Resting (+restoration) - Here we will speak of the most neglected part of a fitness program. It is not enough to train, eat and take the best supplements. The body needs rest and restoration. Training uses up the body. It kills cells and destroys tissue. It produces toxic residue that needs to be eliminated. This requires time. The restoration of tissue takes time.

Muscle mass grows and most of the fat is burned away when you are resting, NOT when you are training. Every day there are men and women train much more than necessary, exaggerating their diets and blatantly neglecting rest and recovery. Our bodies can take this abuse for a while, but not forever. If you fail to see any progress after several months, take a break.


Reevaluate your schedule. Make the necessary adjustments, even if this means a step back at first glance. You will have time to take steps forward later on. It is difficult to accept that in order to shed a few pounds first you need to gain a few pounds. But this growth is in muscle mass. The muscles are working for you. It is difficult to accept that in order to gain 5 pounds of muscle you first need to wait 2-3 months and learn the exercises. But this is exactly why you need to speak with your instructor on the portfolio of a personal health plan on eating and fitness.