Elite Nutrition - Protein

Elite Nutrition - Protein

0.75 Kg tub makes 30 servings or 16.5 litres of drinkcolor>

Protein supplementation is a recognised way of building players'' muscles and the body in general

to enhance its ability to perform on the field of play. Protein is found in food. However

protein foods are normally expensive items and take time and trouble to prepare, to eat and to

even longer to digest. Players who are building up their muscles to train and compete, need

extra protein and the easiest method is to take protein supplementation drinks. Bio-synergy''s

WHEY BETTER PROTEIN is the best available protein drink to achieve the greatest results.

Bio-synergy''s Whey Better Protein is one of the few ion-exchange micro-filtered whey proteins

available. Whey Better provides all 22 amino acids and is easy to mix and very digestible.

Each serving contains 85% protein thereby ensuring the best results and best value for money.

The Lions Rugby Squad have used Bio-synergy''s Whey Better Protein as their preferred protein

drink in Australia. More and more elite sportstars are turning to Bio-synergy''s protein because it is

effective, gives value for money and is safe.

Many sportspersons have turned to Creatine to build up muscle. Whey Better Protein offers the

safest way possible to achieve the same results.

Taking a 500ml drink of Whey Better Protein daily:

enhanced performance at training and during games

helps maintain strength and muscle gains

provides the building blocks for new muscle tissue

Whey Better Protein is available in a 0.75kg tub which

Add 3 scoops to 500ml of milk and mix or shake.

Suitable for individuals of any level and discipline who require an

effective sports drink tobyuild muscle mass.

Whey Better can be used with all other bio-synergy products.

Whey Better is available in four exciting flavours