Company Case Study>>

Company Case Study>>

Here''s what a few of our users are saying about us:

"I was diagnosed with diabetes and a cholesterol problem 5 years ago. After struggling with controlling the symptoms for 5 years I visited Globalhealthfinder. I looked over their suggestions and decided to incorporate them into my daily habits. Today I have been able to control my type-2 diabetes through diet and exercise and have eliminated my need for cholesterol medication. My BMI has also dropped from 27 to 17 in the last 12 months." -O.G.
"Thanks to Globalhealthfinder I now swim 1.5 miles a day and have cut out all junk food from my diet and have lost 14 lbs in 2 months!" -Z.P.

"I was living in a foreign country when I was diagnosed as having Yellow Jaundice. I was unsure that I understood his diagnosis as he spoke very little English so I decided to look online for answers.

After visiting Globalhealthfinder I was able to better understand his diagnosis and I felt confident in the operation he recommended. During the operation they discovered a tumor on my pancreas and successfully removed it.

Thanks to the confidence inspired by Globalhealthfinder I am recovering from a successful operation. Thank you giving my family and I the confidence to go forward with this operation which has extended my life." -K.M.

"Globalhealthfinder''s Drug Interaction Tool helped me avoid a dangerous medication interaction. "-A.P.
"My wife and I are both doing exercises from Globalhealthfinder. My wife lost three and half pounds this week and I''m tightening up my stomach!" -D.H.
"Since I started using Globalhealthfinder''s fitness manager, I''ve lost 20 lbs. It helped me change my lifestyle and habits by keeping me focused on my exercise and diet." -P.M.

"Over the course of the past year, I''ve lost 90 pounds thanks to Globalhealthfinder''s Fitness Manager. I now carefully monitor my fat and carbohydrate intake, follow an exercise plan of cardiovascular workouts (something I haven''t done in 20-odd years!) and have a much more health sensitive lifestyle.

I no longer need help walking, have reduced my need for prescription drugs and can keep up with my 3 teenaged daughters! I am still working hard, since I have another 100 pounds to go, but I am doing it the right way now and am confident that I can reach my target weight in a healthy manner." -T.M.

"I have been using the Fitness Manager for the past 2 months and am quite happy to report that I have lost 19 lbs." -W

" Recently I have learned that I have high cholesterol and some other issues. That''s when I turned to to made a plan to improve my health. It had all the information I needed and the way they explained it was easy to understand (even for me, as English is my second language). Now I exercise and eat right.

I feel like I have a full-time nurse at home because of Globalhealthfinder." - M.H.

Company Case Study>>

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